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Venice Hotels - Comfortable Stay in Small City

Venice, the city of Northern India, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has been given many epithets such as "Queen of Adriatic", "The City of Lights", "City of Water", "City of Bridges" and "La Dominante". Venice is world famous for its canal. It is built on an archipelago of 118 islands. This small city is always celebrating something. It is always a busy vacation city in springs at the time of Easter. Finding accommodation in Venice during this time is the most difficult thing. It is nice to visit Venice around Christmas and New Year but it is best to visit the place between late march to may. Winters are unpleasantly cold. One can find Venice under a layer of snow.
Venice hotels provide warm and comfortable accommodation to its tourists. The hotel staff is always attentive in their service towards clients. One can find cheap hotels in Venice all around the city. Many of these are located near to the beaches, so that people can enjoy the peaceful ambience and pleasant climate. Many tourists prefer to lodge themselves in these hotels to see the rising water, which is the common phenomenon in Venice. Sometimes the water flood around in the city, foundations, shops, churches and all. It is the problem faced by citizens of Venice, but an exciting experience for tourists.
Many travelers come for an extended stay to explore the city and prefer to stay in budget hotels Rome. These hotels cater their needs in the best ways, they can. There is an amazing method of getting around Venice through Vaporetto (water bus). It is cheap and easiest accessible means of transportation. Though there is regular bus service but waterbus is an exciting way to get around. Tourists can look for bar and tasty restaurants in an area around Campo di Santa Margarita in San Polo. Some of the places worth visiting in Venice are:-
  • Collezione Peggy Guggenheim- it is the most outstanding art collection in the world. Visitor can browse through great works of great artisans.

  • Chiese di San Giacomo di Rialto- it is the oldest church in Venice. It highlights the great clock, the Gothic Portico and the interior design.

  • Palazzo Pisani- it stands out as one of the most beautiful points along the Grand Canal. Its grand staircase, art's collection and antique furnishing are some of the great points of interest.

  • Torre dell'Orologio- it is also known as Saint Mary's clock tower. It displays the present phase of the moon, today's time and the dominated zodiac. It is one of the topmost tourists' attractions.

  • Sinking Feeling in Venice Hotels

    If you have listen or visited Venice hotels then you have got a surprising feeling about the hotels. And if you have not visited Venice till now then you should start planning a vacation tour of Venice to get really sinking feeling of Venice hotels. If you go to any building or hotel in Venice then you will feel like you are in a boat or sheep.
    Reason behind the Sinking Feeling
    Venice is the one of the most beautiful cities as compare all cities over the world. You cannot find such a beautiful city having beautiful canals, gondolas and many more unforgettable things. You will get lots of interesting, attractive and romantic places in the heart of the city. As you know that no anything is 100% perfect and hence it also has some drawbacks. Sinking may be a drawback for Venice's special charm like other magical places. The water in Venice and the canal ways made it unique but it may be eventually leads to its downfall. But now it is boon for Venice and lots of tourists attracting towards this wonderful and amazing city. And hence you can see the growth in Venice Italy hotels also. The Venice hotels and other beautiful buildings are just grappling with the issue for centuries. You should think about why Venice is flooding?
    A City Borne Of Necessity
    People didn't choose the location when Venice was settled because they feel that it is only scenic qualities. There was nobody who envisioned the canals and other ways for Venice which you can see now. At the starting a small group of islands were exist and many Italians propelled to these regions. If you see towards history of Venice then you can see that it is was waterlogged and have 117 small islands. Its founders really fought against its environment and they built this new city of romance using many canals.
    Flood Problem of Venice
    Venice is the most beautiful and romantic city but it always struggled with the flooding. Like other places here, Hotels in Venice also have to put much effort to keep open the entry of the visitors at the time of excessive flooding. There are many surprising ways have adopt by Venice hotels to keep flood water from infiltrating the hotels. The people who just love to eat pizza of Venice, they are crestfallen due to flood water because the pizza in inaccessible at that time.
    Is the Problem is over now?
    You will get surprising that the problem is not over and Venice is continuously sinking at a rate of 7cm per year. When it was noticed, they were banned in 1960s. But still street buildings and hotels continuing experience noticeable sinking. Global warming may be the reason to increase the sinking rate of Venice because Venice sank surprising 24cm in the recent single year. Some people believe that the steel gates and other equipment can help to infiltrating the water into their buildings at the time of excessive water. However many other efforts are putting to save the city from disappear forever.
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    Venice Hotel Reservations

    Have you ever spend a vacation in Venice, Italy? Was it a memorable one because you had lots of fun or unforgettable because you went unprepared and experienced lots of problems?
    Some people who traveled to Venice experience problems in checking in a hotel when they reach Venice. Every year, lots of people come to Venice to spend a holiday, vacation or honeymoon and so hotel accommodations are often fully booked. That is why if you are planning to spend a few days or weeks in Venice, make sure you make your reservation well in advance at a Venice hotel.
    Venice hotel reservations give you the opportunity to book your hotel accommodations long before your target arrival. When you make reservations, you can be assured that there will be a hotel accommodation waiting for you when you reach the romantic city of Venice. While you are on board the plane, you will be confident that the next place you'll be is your chosen Venice hotel. And there is nothing more relaxing than to sink into a comfortable bed in your hotel room after a long and exhausting flight.
    In making your reservations, you first have to check online for different hotel options. You have to compare rates, facilities, amenities and hotel policies in order to get the best deal. After selecting the Venice hotel that suits your accommodation requirements, you can simply make your reservations online by filling out an online reservation form. Or perhaps, you can contact a travel agent to book the reservation for you.
    Planning your vacation to Venice is key to make it a truly memorable and enjoyable trip. You have to keep in mind that lots of people want to see and experience Venice, but the problem is there are fewer rooms to accommodate all the travelers. That is why it does make sense to book your Venice hotel reservations in advance.
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    The Best Sites of Venice, Italy

    If a list of the most preferred destinations in Europe was compiled, a place that would stand in the top ranks has to be the Italian paradise called Venice. Referred to as a city of canals, Venice is one of the must see places that tourists crave to visit. Of growing importance to the Italian economy, the city draws huge amount of revenue from the tourism industry. Moreover, Venice has been perpetually important since the earliest of times due to its prominence in terms of art, culture. In case you are planning a trip to Venice and are constrained by time, here is a list of the three best Venetian spots that truly sums up the entire city within them.
    St Mark's Basilicais the stamp of Venetian culture and traditions. A superb blend of Gothic and Byzantine schools of architecture, the Basilica is the cathedral church of the Venetian Archdiocese of Roman Catholic affiliation. The architecture, both exterior and interior, is awe-inspiring and most tourists are taken by surprise at the intricacies housed within such lavish designs. The mosaics are renowned across the globe. Of historical importance, the monument dates back to 828.
    If there is one spot that is synonymous with Venice itself, it has to be the Grand Canal. This is one of the most important waterway traffic corridors of the Italian city. A gondola tour across the canal is a must do activity to indulge in. They say that Venice is incomplete without the canal and after a trip on a gondola, most tourists agree with it. Extending over 800 meters, it houses star attractions of Venice on both its banks. The Grand Canal finally ends in the St. Mark basin and the Santa Lucia station at either end.
    If there has to be just one more destination to squeeze into a trip to Venice, then explore the majestic St. Mark's Square. Of lasting historical fame, due to being labeled the Drawing room of Europe, by Napoleon, the Square is the center of Venetian life. In short, this is the public square where tourists can find a number of local delights to please their tourist senses. This is the social-political hub of the city. Simply close your eyes and absorb the buzz all round. They say that every city has its own sounds and smells.....this is where such a statement comes to life.
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    Venice - The Magnificent Romantic City for Your Luxury Family Holidays

    The moment you arrive in Venice you realize that you have landed in some surreal place, a place that gives you a magical and wonderful experience. Yes, as soon as you stagger out of Venice metro station and 'wham' you are instantaneously transported to some other world. There are many adjectives that come to one's mind when on luxury family holidays to Venice such as quixotic, appealing, amorous, relaxing and amazing. And, yet these adjectives fail to do justice in describing Venice because you can feel and see the beauty of Venice but it is quite another story when one comes to reproduce it. Words cannot describe nor portray the real charm of Venice.
    Being Europe's most popular family friendly holiday destinations, it is also one of the most peaceful cities in Europe. Again, the city keeps buzzing with various activities and yet you would find no chaos here. Venice can be bit overpriced but when it comes down to it, there is nothing quite as romantic after a long Venetian dinner with your beloved family. When you settle back into the plush seats with your family and slide through the waters of Venice's back canals guided by the expert oar of a gondolier, your family friendly holidays become no less than luxury family holidays. So, it would not be wrong to say that Venice is a land of contrasts.
    In addition to the heavenly gondola ride, you have lots more thrilling options in Venice to see. There is St. Mark Square which looks incredibly amazing and there is Byzantine Basilica which is simply breathtaking. The Doge's Palace with its gothic architecture will spellbound you and Scuola Grande di San Rocco with its beautiful façade will take you to another world. Simply saying, when you venture out on your gondola, you will see that Venice has one alluring vista after the next.
    And, if you thought that Venice only offers its tourists some wonderful things to see, then you are hugely mistaken. Venice with all its charms also has to offer you with an opportunity to buy couture clothing, Venetian glass, delightful souvenirs and marvelous jewelry. Apart from knowing what all to see on your family friendly holidays to Venice, the foremost thing that you need to know is when to visit it. First of all, you should know Venice is crammed with tourists during the summer season so, it is best to plan your holidays in off season to get better prices for everything.
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    Tips on a Vacation in Venice (Venezia)

    Venice (Venezia) still remains one of the most romantic, lovely and interesting places left in the world. Venice is situated in the North Eastern part of Italy, comprises of 117 small islands situated along the Adriatic sea in the Venetian lagoon,400 bridges of which makes it a number destination.The city (Rialtine islands) are linked by the 150 canals, and 400 bridges.
    The classical Venetian boat is a Gondola, which in the olden days was the main transport. Venice, is easily walk-able, as it is absent of cars consequently making it a particularly pleasant experience. As an indication one can walk from one end to the other in approximately an hour. If you would like to get around a bit more quickly, then use the Water Taxi's or Water Buses called vaporetti. There are numerous vaporetti on the canals.
    Or with your luxurious motor-launch boat tour of the Grand Canal brings the magic of Venice alive. You will learn about the origins and evolution of Venice's most important street, the "Grand Canal". You can comfortably sit and take photographs whilst you take this fascinating journey listening to the detailed commentary provided by your guide as all boats are equipped with microphones and speakers so you can clearly hear the commentary.
    But the best and romantic way to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this magnificent city built on water is by the Gondola, can you imagine gliding up Venice's Grand Canal and the many minor canals. Discovering the diverse areas of the city and enjoy a thorough introduction to the city of Venice. The Gondola is ideal being small enough to navigate the minor canals, here you will be able to see where all the splendid palaces are, churches, bridges, gardens and warehouses all lining the city's waterways.
    The weather in Venice is rather hot and humid during summer. Heavy rainfall is experienced in November and December. Coldest months are January and February. A point to remember, Venice can be flooded with high waters in autumn and winter. Security measures are taken when the tide is high by recommended alternative routes for the pedestrians.
    Currency Is Euro. €.
    Accommodation suggestions Venetian hotels have an aesthetic value added to their facade with much of the Venice's historical significance. Some have been built from historic palaces, elegant buildings this makes them even more unique lodgings for the travellers.
    Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin. Giudecca 10, 30133. Tel: (041) 520-7744 The Palazzo Vendramin and connecting Palazzetto are two 15th century buildings linked to the Hotel Cipriani through an ancient courtyard and flowered passage-way, on the tip of Giudecca Island, this iconic Orient-Express hotel commands the most beautiful views of the lagoon and Doge's Palace. Steeped in Venetian style, it is known for interiors decorated in exquisite local artifacts.
    San Clemente Palace Hotel, di San Clemente 1, San Marco 30124. Tel. (041) 244-5001. Set on the 17 acre private island of San Clemente - an untouched retreat on the Venetian lagoon dating from the 12th century, boasting magnificent views of St.Mark's, Giudecca Island and the Lido. It is only 12 minutes away from St.Mark's Square by complimentary shuttle boat.
    Bauer Il Palaz Hotel, San Marco, 1459, 30124. This luxury, 5 star hotel is set in an 18th Century historic palace features uniquely decorated and furnished rooms with the most refined furniture such as, gold-plated mirrors, tapestries, Murano glass chandeliers, and accessories. Most rooms have a balcony or a terrace with breathtaking view over the town, the Grand Canal and Saint Marc basin.
    Hotel Rialto. Riva del Ferro / Ponte di Rialto, San Marco 5149, 30124. Tel. (041) 520-9166. In the historic, artistic, and commercial heart of Venice.Traditionally furnished Venetian rooms and suites. It is in a unique and enviable position overlooking the Grand Canal, just across from Rialto Bridge, one of the most beautiful and suggestive spots of the city.
    Hotel Marconi, Riva del Vin, San Polo, 729. Tel. (041) 522-2068. The Marconi overlooks the famed Rialto Bridge on Venice's Grand Canal. The rooms are decorated in a traditional Venetian style. It is surrounded by historic markets and traditional Veneto restaurants.
    Albergo Cavalletto & Doge Orseolo. San Marco, 1107, 30124. One of the oldest Hotels in Venice with more than seven centuries of tradition in serving famous people. During its history people like the Duke of Aosta, Richard Strauss and Sir Winston Churchill stayed at the Cavalletto Doge Orseolo. The Hotel is located few meters away from St. Mark's Square and with classic Venetian rooms facing Bacino Orseolo.
    Hotel Giorgione. Cannaregio Ss. Apostoli 4587, Cannaregio, 30121. Tel. (041) 522-5810. If you are looking for an elegant setting for your stay in Venice, then the Hotel Giorgione is ideal. Set in an 18th century building, it has a beautiful courtyard and fountain. Converted to a luxury hotel in the early 19th century, the Giorgione Hotel retains its stylish atmosphere with antique Venetian furniture, Murano glass lamps and fine fabrics. Set in the quiet, yet strategically central Cannaregio quarter, the hotel is only 5 minutes away from the Rialto Bridge, and 10 minutes from Saint Mark's Square.
    Ca' GottardiCannaregio, 2283 - 30121. Tel. (041) 275-9333. Ca' Gottardi a typical Venetian Inn & Guest House with historic palazzo, close to the Rialto Bridge one of the most sophisticated boutique hotels in Venice where traditional art and innovative design combine in rare elegance.
    Albergo Cavalletto. San Marco, 1107 - 30124. Tel. (041) 520-0955. All rooms are classically furnished in Venetian style, some rooms offer charming views of the gondolas in the Orseolo Basin.
    Residenza Ai Giardini Castello 747-448, Venice 30122, Tel. (041) 812-3037, is one that has authentic elegant rooms and set apart from the tourist's type accommodation.
    Ca' dei DogiCorte Santa Scolastica, Castello 4242, Tel. (041) 241-3751 An antique Venetian palace dating back to the 15th century featuring Venetian details such as marble and mosaics. It is located close to the Palazzo Ducale and the Bridge of Sighs.
    Hotel Antiche Figure. Santa Croce 686, Tel. (041) 275-9486 Conveniently located just 300 meters from Santa Lucia Station, this hotel features a beautiful garden restaurant where you can relax with a drink after a day sightseeing. Figure has a romantic view of the Grand Canal.
    Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo, S. Croce 2063, Tel. (041) 524-4797 it is conveniently located in the heart of Venice.Its ten elegant rooms, combining traditional beauty and modern comfort, occupy two levels of a finely restored building in a tranquil neighborhood.
    Obviously there are many more places of accommodation worthy of mention, but unfortunately cannot list them all.
    Eating - Restaurants, the following are a few suggestions before we proceed to, "what to go and look at".
    Venice has some wonderful restaurants, featuring the cuisine of the Veneto. Their specialties include polenta, risotto, and pasta with cuttlefish ink sauce. You are never disappointed with the services offered.
    Diners should however be aware that for every genuine wonderful restaurant or trattoria, there are many others another serving far lesser quality food at inflated prices. A good indication is if there is a waiter/s outside the premises with menus encouraging business, these places are probably best avoided.
    Antico Martini, Campiello della Fenice, S. Marco 2007 - 30124 Tel. (041) 522-4121. A luxury restaurant, beautiful decor, with a romantic atmosphere, Antico Martini attracts connoisseur's who come to enjoy unforgettable flavors.
    Restaurant Antiche Carampane, San Polo 1911. Tel. (041) 524-0165. Meters away from the Rialto Bridge, located in the heart of Venice. It is a restaurant renowned for its Venetian cuisine.
    Restaurant La Caravella, Via XXII Marzo 2398. Tel. (041) 520-8901. Historical Restaurant, near St. Mark's Square, known since the 60's and has become a must if you like typical traditions dishes, also they have large selection of wines.
    Osteria Antico GiardinettoCalle dei Morti 2253, Santa Croce, Tel (041) 722-882 in the back streets of San Polo, Giardinetto serves traditional Venetian dishes such as salted cod, seafood risotto.
    Antico Dolo, San Polo 778. An old seafood restaurant close to Rialto Bridge, where their fresh seafood comes daily from the adjacent Rialto Market.
    Do Farai, Dorsoduro 3278. Tel. (041) 277-0369. A must to try their daily fresh razor shell-fish and Pasta.
    Trattoria Dai Fioi, Via Miranese 9A, Venice Mestre.Tel. (041) 983-395. Small trattoria offering dishes with products sourced from the local area.
    Trattoria Borghi, S. Basilio 1526, Tel. 041 521 0028 a small restaurant, but it is away from the main touristy area. Well known for their pasta and other delicacies.
    Algiubagio Restaurant, Cannareggio 5039, Fundamente Nuove, Tel. (041) 523-6084. For the perfect evening what more could one ask, a creative menu, in a delicate atmosphere.
    Bistrot de Venise, San Marco 4685, Calle dei Fabbri, Tel. (041) 523-665. A Historical Venetian Cuisine of a gastronomic journey back in time to the ancient tastes and aromas of Venice.
    Now that we have eaten, It is time to look around at the famous attractions of Venice.
    An absolute must if you're a first-time visitor to Venice, the Grand Canal Boat Tour, it will not only provide you with memories that will last a lifetime, but you will learn where and how to find all the famous landmarks that you will be able visit during your stay in Venice.
    In Venice there are 417 bridges still visible,of which 72 are private. Among them 300 bridges are made of stone, 60 made of iron, the other 57 made of wood. Until the thirteenth century Venice was only built on groups of islands separated by channels. To get to the other side they laid wooden boards across the channels, but nothing joining the Grand Canal banks.
    Not suggesting seeing all of these, but a few listed below are worthy of as you walk around.
    Ponte di Rialto crosses the Grand Canal being the oldest and most famous Venetian bridge built during the 16th century on 12,000 wooden stakes. It was closely connected to the market activities hence the name "Ponte di Rialto". The present bridge was built by Antonio del Ponte in 1591, similar to the former bridge constructed out of wood. Today the bridge has a central portico and two inclined ramps in which shops have been constructed.
    Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) was built during the 16th century. The enclosed bridge is made of white limestone and has windows with stone bars. It connects the old prisons with the rooms of the Doge's Palace. "Bridge of sighs"name came from the "sighs" of the prisoners from the Venetian Republic in a final opportunity to view the city before they were led to their cells or to the executioner.
    The Ponte degli Scalzi (Bridge of the Barefoot) is one of the three bridges which cross the Grand Canal. It was designed by Eugenio Miozzi and completed in 1934, as a replacement for an Austrian iron bridge.
    Academy BridgeThe Academy Bridge (Ponte dell Accademia) is named because it crosses the Grand Canal at the Galleria dell Accademia. It is not a new bridge but it is interesting for its high arch construction and the fact that it is wooden.
    Scalzi BridgeWhen arriving in Venice via rail to the Santa Lucia Station, the Scalzi Bridge will be the first bridge you will cross after disembarking. The Scalzi Bridge dates from 1934 named for the nearby Chiesa degli Scalzi, literally the "church of the barefoot monks," the Scalzi Bridge is an elegant stone span that links the Santa Croce and Cannaregio neighborhoods.
    Calatrava BridgeThe last bridge constructed in the City (2008) is the one designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. This is the fourth bridge crossing the Grand Canal that links Piazzale Roma car parking with Santa Lucia train station.
    Next, important places to visit in Venice.
    San Marco Square. The Columns of San Marco and San Teodoro were brought from Constantinople and were erected in Piazzetta in the 12th century. A statue of San Teodoro is set on top of one column and on the other a bronze winged lion which is considered as a symbol of Venice.
    Saint Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) is a "must see" This building was rebuilt in the 11th century. The interior is molded with more than two square kilometers of beautiful mosaics, it contains treasures such as the "Pala d'Oro", masterpiece of Gothic-Byzantine goldsmith's art, precious glasses, amphora's, cups and icons. Walk out on to the roof to view St. Mark's square.
    Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale). This incredible example of Gothic architecture was the official residence of the Venetian ruler. It houses a thousand years of history, you can admire the precious paintings by Tintoretto, Tiziano and Veronese. Discover the section of the palace where the city's administration worked from. There is the most wonderful five hundred year old roof structure. Not forgetting the jail Casanova spent some years before escaping.
    Correr Museum (on San Marco Square) Displays an Interesting collection of globes starting from the 16th century. There is also an archeological museum of Roman antiques and an important picture gallery.
    Bell-tower of St.Mark (Campanile di San Marco) rebuilt identically as it was prior to its collapse in 1902. Suggest you go up at the changing of the hour where you will not only hear the bells but admire the incredible view of Venice and the lagoon.
    Clock tower (Torre dell' Orologio) Take a fascinating guided tour of the clocks mechanism and rooftop bell. The restored Clock Tower displays time in Roman numerals. It also shows the moon phases and the Zodiacs.
    Marciano Museum, contains the original copy of the large bronze horses that at one time were displayed situated outside the basilica of San Marco. Also displayed are manuscripts, fragments of ancient mosaics and also some antique tapestries.
    La Fenice Theater this is a historic theater, it was destroyed by fire 1996 and an identical reconstruction was completed in 2003. Visit using "audio-guide" as it will give you a better appreciation.
    Scuola grande di San Rocco. Discover some of the most beautiful works of Tintoretto. It also displays an exquisite example of Manierist art.
    Accademia Gallery. This Academy of Venice is one of the most prestigious in Italy of Venetian School from the middle age collection paintings to masters of the Renaissance. A must see.
    Archaeological Museum. Here you will see an important collection of Greek and Roman sculpture, including several Greek originals from the classic period.
    Ca' Pesaro. A beautiful palace housing the gallery of modern art, focusing on Italian art in the 19th Century.
    Ca' Rezzonico - A Venetian Palace of the 18th Century. It is like stepping back in time as it "recreates" the atmosphere of the domestic Venetian Nobles. On the ground floor you will find a classic example of a gondola. This boat is around 11 meters long and a weight of 600 kilograms. One single boatman with a single Oar can quickly move it along the vast stretches of water.
    The Palazzo Fortuny Museum Once owned by the Pesaro family, this large Gothic Palazzo in Campo San Beneto was transformed by Mariano Fortuny into his own atelier of photography, stage-design, textile-design and painting. The building retains the rooms and structures created by Fortuny, together with tapestries and collections. The working environment of Mariano Fortuny is represented through precious wall-hangings, paintings, and the famous lamps.
    The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni to the east of the Accademia Bridge. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum offers a personal collection of modern art. Peggy was an American who lived there for more than thirty years married to modern artist Max Ernst. The gallery includes a sculpture garden and works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Serini, Duchamp, Pollock, Dali, and Mondrian.
    Other museums include:
    • Natural History Museum.
    • Scala ontarini del Bovolo.
    • Naval History Museum.
    • Palazzo Grassi.
    San Giovanni e Paolo. A beautiful Dominican church with fine paintings here you will see tombs of many Doges.
    Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. A large church where you will enjoy the beautiful monuments and magnificent paintings.
    Santa Maria dei Miracoli. A church, simple in form but ornamented with a fine exterior of marble facings.
    The Jewish Ghetto is located in Cannaregio district. A Jewish community has been present in Venice since 1152 consisting then of approximately 1300 people. In 1298 it was forbidden for Jews to reside in Venice so they moved to Mestre and the neighboring areas but still permitted entry to the city for their business activities. Over the years their ban to reside in Venice was lifted by decree of the "Maggior Consiglio" in 1516, it was determined that the Jews had to settle in the area of Cannaregio called Getto. The name Getto originated from the foundries in that location manufacturing and supplying guns to Arsenal. From Getto to "Ghetto" changed since it identified urban areas of European cities in which the Jewish community were forced to live. Jewish life is still very active in the Ghetto and also elsewhere in Venice. This is also the home of five synagogues. Visiting on Saturdays (Jewish Sabbath) all shops and restaurants you will find closed.
    Shopping. There is no shortage, "you can shop till you drop" you can find excellent quality leather-wear, shoes, wallets, handbags, in the local boutiques you will find some unique items in clothes. In the vicinity of Piazza San Marco you will find all your Brand Names/label items as in, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Versace etc.
    If you would like to buy a mask and at the same time see how they are made try Ca' Macana. In this mask shop if you cannot find one that appeals, then perhaps you did not want in the first place. Also Atelier Marega for a magnificent collection hand-made masks and costumes.
    When shopping, beware being offered fakes/imitations in branded items. A couple that you may not have thought possible, like Murano Venetian glass-ware, the Government of Venice protects Murano glass-makers by a decal "Vetro Murano Artistico" trademark at showrooms/shops that sell authentic Murano glass. Another little collector's piece being the exquisite miniature buildings by "Moro", trying to stop the fakes, he personally signs his name on the back of the item.
    Speaking of Masks, "The carnival in Veniceit is a popular event not only the Venetians but also for the tourists if you are fortunate in your timing. It lasts for approximately ten days starting usually from the last week in December but can vary. This grand tradition stems back to the thirteenth century.
    There is a history behind the "mask" and "Carnival".
    "The mask" the masquerading of masks was by everyone from general Venetians to slaves in order to celebrate winter but at the same time to protect themselves from the chilly winter.
    "Carnival" the word "carnevale" derived its name from the Latin vocabulary which means "farewell to meat". Meaning a farewell party for the non vegetarian dishes that the Catholic Christians sacrificed by tradition during the fasting weeks before the auspicious Easter.
    Although the carnival of Venice had in its earlier years, moments of disappointments as a non event, for instance after the capture of Italy by Napoleon Bonaparte and then the regime of fascist ruler Mussolini. But since the 1980's the Carnival has gained an unstoppable momentum. The Venetians in their native name call this festival, "Carnevale di Venezia".
    When you are planning your tour to Venice, try not to miss out on the Islands. Torcello a peaceful tranquil place has an old church. Burano, a pretty fishing village where you can see the Lace museum, the picturesque streets with each house a different shade of pastel. San Geogio dominated by the facade of San Giorgio Maggiore, possibly Palladio's most beautiful creation in Venice, the church boasts of many treasures.
    Murano Islandthe island is typically known for its Venetian glass-work. Murano is called "Murano Colonna" and owes its name to the still visible granite column. Glass-related attractions include the many glass-works unfortunately some of the best glass blowing factories are not open to tourists, but there are some factories that give demonstrations. Also you will find a Glass Museum housed in Palazzo Giustinian in the center of the island.
    Beware of the dishonest people offering to take you on a free boat ride to see the glass-works at Murano. Prices become over-inflated and if you do not buy you will find yourself stranded. Many souvenir shops try to pass off cheap Chinese counterfeit glass as real Murano glass. The Venetian government protects Murano glass-making. So you must look for the "Vetro Murano Artistico" trademark decal at showrooms that retail authentic Murano glass.
    Hope I have made a few suggestions that will make your trip that little less stressful and enjoyable.

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    Huge Savings on Discount Rome Hotels Booking

    Discount Rome hotels booking is actually been the outcome and end result of the manifold advancement in the technology! This is with special regards to the internet field that has hooked us on completely and made it possible now to get booking of any hotel at any point of time at all. Now getting a cheap Rome hotels booking is simply a matter of few seconds. You could choose to book and one of the cheap hotels after reading all the reviews and feedback provided by the people who have had an experience of the same. Booking absolutely any hotel located in any part of the world according to our travel needs is now possible thanks to the cheap booking which can be carried out online with the help of experts.
    Discount Rome Hotels Rooms display their won distinct charm of life with a beautiful ambiance and provide necessary services to their visitors. There is a selection of good quality and well-known discount hotels in the city and obviously time to time these hotels provide some Discount Rome hotels to create a center of attention the tourist. Some of the discount Rome hotel rooms come from anywhere between 50 $ to 100 $ a night and provide really good comfort and it services your needs according to your pocket.
    Some of the most reasonable hotels that provide Discount Rome Hotels include Hotels such as the Zone, Hotel Priscilla, and Hotel Hermitage. Apart from these there are also other Hotels such as the Madison, Hotel Galles, Hotel Prati, Hotel Daniela and Hotel Marghera. Hotels located in Rome proffers attractive discount schemes for their loyal visitors and guest. Discounts are offered on room rent, dinning facilities, laundry services and much more.
    One of the best recommended things is that as mindful travelers try getting their room booking done in prior to their scheduled trip. There are tons of offers an schemes going on in Rome during the off-season. If you want to see Rome in the best form ever then visit it anytime between august when there is hardly any crowd as it is one of the traditional months whereas if you want to experience the damp weather plan a visit in the months of January and February. If you are looking forward to getting cheap Rome hotels booking done then using the internet is certainly the best way to go about doing the same.
    DisRooms offers Discount Rome Hotels and online reservation services for Cheap Hotel Rooms. Book your hotel room with best discounted room rates at Discount Hotels.

    Choosing a Good 2 Star Rome Hotel

    Searching for a Rome hotel, especially for 2 star hotels is often difficult, even for the most experienced of travellers. This is because standards of the accommodation offered can vary greatly between properties. Basically, we should not forget that Rome is an old city and more so in and around the historic centre. Therefore, rooms in hotels often tend to be smaller, especially if we were to compare them to the kind of accommodation in North America or more modern cities. Also, a recent phenomenon is the "boutique hotel", these are often small 2 star hotels which offer an excellent standard of accommodation at very good rates. It would be safe to say that a 2 star Rome hotel is generally of an acceptable quality and reasonably priced, although you should always be aware that every rule has its exception!
    There is a high concentration of 2 star hotels in the city centre, especially around Termini train station. With respect to the cost of accommodation, this can greatly fluctuate depending on which part of the year you are planning to visit Rome. The high season is from April to June, September and October, and any of the national bank holidays. The lowest season is from December and June and many excellent offers are also available during August. Generally, the rates are related to the quality of the accommodation offered, but bargains can be found. Below you will find 3 good choices for a 2 star Rome hotel, all of which are well located and offer very reasonable rates.
    2 star Hotel Virginia Rome is a well-established and popular property located close to the city's main train and metro station, assuring direct access to the whole of the city and its amazing tourist attractions. The hotel has been offering visitors clean and comfortable accommodation since 1960 and have a very good track record in providing a friendly and professional service. Rooms are basic and have been carefully decorated and furnished. Air conditioning is also available in all the en suite rooms, and a breakfast voucher is offered to all guests which entitles you to a Italian breakfast (coffee and pastry) at the nearby cafe.
    2 star Hotel Giubileo Rome is another 2 star hotel conveniently located near to the city's main transport hub of Termini Station. The hotel faces one of the city's impressive basilicas, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, and this is an excellent location from which to tour the city on foot. You will feel instantly at home thanks to the warm welcome from the professional staff, who will gladly provide you with any information you may need during your stay. All the guest rooms are en suite and air conditioned, and have been comfortably equipped and furnished. A complimentary breakfast is available which is served at the hotel's small roof terrace.
    2 star Hotel Buonarroti Home Rome is again located just a short distance from Termini Train Station, in the Monti area of the historic centre. Here you will find a good selection of authentic restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bars. This small Rome hotel provides clean and affordable guest rooms, all of which have a private bathroom and have been fitted out with a wide selection of creature comforts, such as internet connection, air conditioning, mini bar and safety deposit box. Another worthy asset of this hotel is its friendly and welcoming staff, who can provide some great tips on what to do and see in Rome.
    HotelsChart, based in Rome, Italy, has a wide selection of hotels in Rome, including the above. They offer both a real-time and secure booking process, as well as some great bargains, if you are looking for a 2 star Rome hotel: For more information on Rome, visit Rome's Official Tourist Board.

    Experience the World Class Rome Hotels

    The journey of the city of Rome started during 10th century BC as a small agricultural community. It was founded on the Italian peninsula located on the bank of Mediterranean Sea. It became one of largest empires of the ancient world. The roman civilization dominated it through many conquests. Its development in the ancient times still influences today. The city was great center for law, art, war, architecture, technology, festival, religion, language, culture, paintings and sculptures. It has contributed a lot to the development of other part of world. The history of Rome is still known and influencing to the rest of the world. People across the world like to visit this highly developed metro of ancient times. The city has still all its ancient monument, art and civilization in the museums. You can view everything in the museums that represents ancient Rome. Rome has many other unique arts which are existence of skilled artisan of Rome. The Roman civilization has brought major development to the city. Rome is also known to have world's biggest open air museum. It is most photogenic city in the world.
    If you are here in a tourist plan you must explore all the most famous destinations that are truly worth to visit. Such destinations which are top in the list of the tourist are Trevi fountain, Colosseum, The Vatican, St, Peter's square, Spanish steps. The city is also a romantic place for newly wed couples. This is a favorite holiday destination to millions of people and a fashionable city for fashionable people. A lot of sight seeing and tourist attraction places are found in plenty. For a tourist you have restaurants, world class hotels, pubs, entertainment, park, coffee house and beaches to fulfill every need. Every individual has his own preference and for everybody, Rome has something to offer. You will like to stay here more when your vacation will come to end. You will think to reschedule your travel plan. May be you can plan to come here again for a much leisure time. From the tourist sight, the city is ancient and modern. It is visitor's observation for which purpose they have come here. For those who want to see ancient Rome, there is much to see and for modern viewers the city is available to celebrate in modern style.
    Just as Rome is world famous destination so are the hotels of Rome. The hotels are easily available during off season. During peak season you may find difficulty in finding a hotel room. Due to increasing number of visitors every year, the tourist graph is rising and the demand for hotel keeps increasing every year. If you have planned your travel to Rome in advance, never forget to book your hotels first especially if you travelling during peak season. Also book your travel to avoid last minute problems. All hotel information is provided on web and you can choose your preferred hotel to book. Rome hotels are reasonable priced and lavished with all facilities for their customers.
    Hotel Rimini Rome - a three stars hotel accommodation in center of Rome. For more information visit Rome HotelsRome hotel or hotels in Rome.

    Affordable Rome Hotels

    Although Rome is a city of great opulence, it is still fairly easy to get good deals on hotel rooms in this capital of Rome. Whether you prefer to stay in the Modern Center where most shopping and dining places are, the Old Rome where you're surrounded with beautiful cathedrals, the Vatican, or Colosseo, there are cheap hotels that you can stay at.
    The Modern Center is an excellent place to look for cheap hotels in Rome, Italy. This is the city's hub of activity and is a home to a huge assortment of hotels including the Hotel Cortorillo Rome, Hotel Malu Rome and Hotel Rubino Rome. All these budget hotels offer rates starting at 40-50. This is a good place to stay when you're in Rome despite the fact that most of the historic places that tourists visit are not situated in this place.
    However, the tourists who come to Rome to see the beautiful plazas, cathedrals and lovely piazzas prefer to stay within the city's most charming district. There are several cheap hotels in the Old Rome district, which is the medieval center of Rome. You can get fairly good deals at the La Piccola Maison and Navona Vecchio Suites.
    But if you're looking for a place in the Vatican where you can sleep cheap, Hotel Colors, II Castelletto Hotel, Colors Hostel and Casa Frida can provide you with the most economical hotel that gives good service. With prices starting as low as 15, you can surely afford a room in this center of Catholicism.
    The Colosseo district is a favorite place of many tourists. This district, which is considered as the hearty of ancient Rome, also has budget hotels that can provide you with safe and affordable place to rest. This includes the Hotel Adas, Hotel Labelle, Hotel Ivanhoe, and the Sunset Roma Guest House Rome.
    Well, there really is a great list of cheap hotels in Rome, Italy. And besides having a keen eye for the beautiful places in Rome, you should also scout for the best hotels where you can stay while enjoying this beautiful city.
    If you enjoy traveling and would like to read more on some of the most famous places in the world, visit and also check out Rome Italy hotels.

    Rome Hotels - A Brief Guide to Hotel Locations

    Rome is divided in two by the River Tiber. The city is more commonly divided up into different areas for example to the left of the river lies the Vatican and the Trastevere, while the 'Centro Storico' historical centre, Termini, Repubblica, Porta Pia, the Colosseum and the Univerisity area are some of the more popular areas on the right of the river.
    The one thing to remember about booking a hotel in Rome is that no matter where you choose to stay you'll never be convenient to all attractions, unless that is, you love walking. Of course this is the best way to see the city, but do remember to wear flat shoes (lots of cobbled streets!) and find yourself a really good street map. Actually you'll have no choice but to walk in the historical centre of the city as cars are not allowed (unless they have a valid permit).
    Rome hotels near Termini...
    If you're not up for that much walking, you should base yourself near Termini Station (Stazione Termini). Termini Station is the main railway and metro station in the city. From here you can get a train connection to almost any city in Italy. This station is also the point at where the red metro Line A and blue metro Line B meet, as Rome has only two metro lines which cross the city in the shape of an 'X'. From Termini Station you can take the red Line A over to the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain or to the Basilica de San Giovanni in Laterano. Or you can take the blue Line B to the Colosseum or Circo Massimo.
    More city centre hotels in Rome...
    There are lots of hotels in the historical centre of Rome close to top attractions. There are Rome hotels close to the Trevi Fountain and a short walk of the world famous Colosseum and if you want to be based close to the Pantheon, right in the heart of the historical centre, there are actually some Rome hotels which actually occupy the same piazza (square) as the temple!
    If you're only a short while in the city and want to make the most of it then choose a hotel in the Centro Storico (Historic centre) which is the heart of the city. The Pantheon can be found in the historic centre of the city in the Piazza della Rotonda. There are lots of lovely winding streets and piazzas to explore in this ancient part of the city like Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori.
    Other well located Rome hotels can be found close to Porta Pia, north of Termini Station. Porta Pia has excellent bus connections with the city centre.
    For shopping why not choose one of the Rome hotels located in a prime location on a street called Via Nazionale and is just a short walk from Repubblica metro station.
    Rome hotels near the Vatican...
    If you want to stay near the Vatican you'll have to book your accommodation well in advance as the Vatican is a year round mecca for pilgrims. And although it's always a busy area it's relatively quiet at night compared with other parts of the city centre. There are many Rome hotels within walking distance of the Vatican.
    Other Rome hotels...
    There are lots of Rome hotels scattered outside the city centre which are perfect if you prefer to be apart from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. You can choose from hotels in the city suburbs like EUR (9km from city) and Nuovo Salario (25 minutes from city centre) or even the coastal destination of Ostia (about half an hour west of Rome).
    With such a good transport network (made up of buses and the metro) you won't need a car in this city, but if you do hire a car to discover the wonderful Lazio region you'll want to be located close to Rome's Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA), the major motorway which orbits the city. There are also some Rome hotels located within a few minutes drive of this ring road.
    Rome is a year round destination so it's important to book your hotel well in advance especially if you're coming for a major religious festival (Easter or Christmas). The months of July and August can be uncomfortably hot, which can make visiting attractions and queuing in the heat a chore. It's also worth bearing in mind that if you do decide to come in August, especially around the 15th - don't be surprised if you see a lot of shops and restaurants closed - particularly if you're staying outside the historic centre. This is an annual holiday (the Romans call it Ferragosto) where the local people close their businesses and go on holidays to the coast, as the city can be very hot during this period.
    And if you're hiring a car (check out our sister website for Car Hire Rome) it's advisable to check with your accommodation first with regards to parking. Onsite parking and even street parking is very rare but most Rome hotels will be able to direct you to a private garage close by.
    Hotels in Rome range from 1 star to 5 star. If you're looking for cheap hotels in Rome, choose a 1 or 2 star hotel and try to locate your hotel outside the historic city centre.
    Visit our Rome hotels page now and find one that suits your taste and budget.
    Hope this helps you to choose the perfect Rome hotel.
    Mairead writes for top travel and accommodation website
    Visit to book a wide range of carefully selected hotels in Ireland, Europe and throughout the world at great value prices!
    Heading to the Rome? Check out our Rome Hotels page, enter your dates in the search box and we'll show you a comprehensive range of hotels in Rome at irresistible discount prices!

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Rome: City of Seven Hills

    Rome, the capital city of Italy, is historically known as 'City of Seven Hills.' According to Roman mythology, the seven hills of early Rome were the Cermalus, Cispius, Fagutal, Oppius, Palatium, Sucusa and Velia. But now the modern 'City of Seven Hills' includes Myrtle, Blossom, Clock Tower, Jackson, Lumpkin and Old Shorter hills and Mount Aventine.
    In the beginning, all the seven hills were occupied by different small hamlet and were not grouped or recognized as a city called Rome. The residents of the seven hills started participating in a series of religious games which started bonding the groups together. The city of Rome thus came into being as these separate settlements acted as a group, draining the marshy valleys between them and turning them into markets. Rome became the most beautiful city in the world that soon started governing the whole world.
    Five out of seven hills of current Rome are populated with monuments, buildings and parks. The Capitoline now hosts the Municipality of Rome and the Palatine Hill is an archaeological area. The monuments of Rome still stand as a reminder of Rome as one of the greatest centers of western civilization.
    The Eternal City is home to rich heritage and art. There are many lavish ancient palaces and one of them is the 'Golden House of Nero'. Built on about 200 acres of land, the palace has a 150 foot statue of Nero in the nude at the entrance. The only ancient building which remains intact today is 'The Pantheon' whose spatial concept makes it an architectural wonder.
    Further, there are many more things such as Pantheon, Roman Forum, Vatican Museums, Piazza Navona and Capitoline Museum that grab attractions of the visitors from all corners of the globe. The charming city has some of the best collection of inexpensive budget hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping arcade that promises to make your journey a pleasant one.

    Top 5 Gastronomic Experiences in Rome

    When staying in a central city hotel Rome on your Italian holiday, all attempts at maintaining a diet must fall by the wayside. There are incredible gastronomic experiences that are awaiting you all through the city.
    Coffee Casanova Style
    Think Italian gastronomy and very soon your mind will drift to coffee. Drinking coffee and cafes are a way of life here in Rome, and every Roman has their favourite. One café that has been serving up espresso for hundreds of years is the Antico Café Grecco. This is considered to be one of the world's three oldest cafes, having been operating since 1760. During its expansive history, characters such as Casanova, Lord Byron, Keats and Goethe have all enjoyed their beverages here among the charming décor.
    Dining in Trastevere
    Across the river from your city hotel, Rome's oldest suburb Trastevere offers a range of authentic dining experiences away from the tourist glare. There are many typical trattorias here filling local Roman tummies each day. One of the most popular of these is Dar Poeta - 'the place' to try out the very best of Roman pizza. Their bruschetta is also a work of art - make sure you try out their honey and gorgonzola variety.
    Browse the Markets
    Every Roman knows the importance of using the freshest ingredients, and many of them purchase supplies each day at the city's oldest market, the Campo dei Fiori. Wandering the stalls taking in the sights and smells, as well as munching on freshly made street food, is a simple pleasure that has to be experienced while in Rome. The market is open until 1:30pm daily. If you are looking for a sit-down meal around the market, then you ought to pull up a chair at Ristorante Grappolo d'Oro Zampanò, with the tranquil sound of the piazza's fountain serenading you as you munch on one of their specials. The panzanella - tomato and bread soup - is particularly delectable. Rome's other great food market is the Mercato di Testaccio, which is a marvellous place to sample locally produced cheeses.
    Do it Yourself Roman Cuisine
    Having experienced such a symphony for the senses as you ate your way around the city, you may also want to learn how to recreate some of these rich Roman dishes yourself at home. By taking a cooking course during your stay, you can do just that. Gambero Rosso Cooking School offers courses that last between one day and several weeks.
    Satiate the Sweet Tooth
    If you have a sweet tooth, then you should head for one of the city's best kept secrets - Dolce Maniera on the Via Barletta. This is a 24-hour bakery that offers affordable and delicious pastries made fresh on site. The nutella-filled cornetto is to die for, and there are so many choices you will be hard pressed to just choose one. Memorise the way to the bakery from your city hotel - Rome can be confusing - and you can return time and again to sample all the goodies on the menu.
    While staying in a city hotel Rome, sampling the full range of Roman fare on offer is an absolute must. Knowing where to eat can be intimidating with such an abundance of choice on offer. If in doubt ask a local, as every native Roman has their swathe of personal favourites they are passionate about.
    Looking for a city hotel Rome? Roberta Stuart is the Travel Manager for World Hotels, a company offering the best rooms at a Rome centre hotel and a selection of unique and four and five star hotels around the world.

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    Landmarks in Rome

    Rome is a city of many wonders, and you could make time to see them all when carefully planning your trip to the Italian capital.
    The Pantheon is the first port of call for many people visiting Rome, widely held to be one of the finest examples of Ancient Roman architecture that was repurposed as a Catholic church once Christianity became the dominant religion. But just because you've seen the Pantheon doesn't mean you've seen all that Rome has to offer.
    Some of Rome's most famous landmarks are mysterious in origin, including the mighty Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. No one knows the details of who built this epic theatre, believed to be constructed between 70 and 82 AD, but in its day it was capable of hosting audiences of 50,000, attending sport events and gladiatorial battles in the city.
    The so-called Mouth of Truth is similarly enigmatic, and historians and architects are still unsure of its original function, though it's believed to have been a vast drain. The statue's name comes from the myth that its mouth would be capable of biting off the hands of liars. Other aspects of Rome's ancient sewer system are equally fascinating, including the Cloaca Maxima which dates as far back as the seventh century BC, and aided drainage from the valleys into the River Tiber.
    Water is a common theme in several of Rome's iconic attractions, including the famous Trevi Fountain, dedicated to Italian King Vittorio Emanuele II and built between 1885 and 1911. While the statue is often overrun by splashing tourists during the busier months, visiting off-peak can be a better option if you'd prefer to see Rome's sights at your leisure, as well as ensuring availability of Rome hotels.
    If you're drawn to the culture of Ancient Rome and want to find out more, visiting the Roman Forum should be considered a must, which houses many ancient monuments and is a marvel in itself. Many sections of the ancient city walls and gates are still standing too, giving a clearer idea of what Rome may have looked like 2,000 years ago.
    Not all of Rome's landmarks are man-made, and you shouldn't ignore the city's natural wonders when visiting the city. From the Seven Hills of Ancient Rome to the River Tiber itself, you'll never be stuck for options to get out of the city and explore the great outdoors when visiting Rome.

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Rome Vacation Rentals For Cheap

    Rome Vacation Rentals are a great way to visit the beautiful, historic city without having to pay expensive hotel rates. Of course, that's only if you're willing to stay in a tiny studio apartment with hardly any amenities. If you want to stay in a fancy villa like the Appia Antica, you're going to have to pay through the nose. It will make luxury hotel rates seem like chump change. What if you want more than that though? What if you want to be able to experience the majestic Villa di Fiorano for just a short while and see what it's like to live like a king?
    Fortunately, there are ways to stay in the fanciest Rome Vacation Rentals for less than you would pay to stay in a 3 star hotel, but it requires a little flexibility on your part. One option is to try to snatch up the last minute deals that become available and leave that night, though that's hardly the right way to start a vacation. Instead, you need to find the rental owners directly and make a deal through them. This is not nearly as hard as it seems, and could land you a week in a Roman Castle like the Monteporzio Villa, for the same rates you would pay for a studio apartment rental.
    The key is to avoid rental agencies, because they have maximum profits in mind. Their goal is to make a ton of money at your expense, and they'll share a portion with the owner. However, by using sites like Facebook, you can very easily locate the owner and cut out the middle man. Since they do not lose any money in the deal, they have no problem allowing you to stay in their large home for the same amount they would be paid by the agency. The result is that you get to choose from the most amazing Rome Vacation Rentals like the 6 bedroom Campo de' Fiori, which comes with a mesmerizing balcony view of Piazza Cinque Scole.

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    10 Interesting Facts About Rome, Italy

    The modern city of Rome, as legend goes, was built on seven hills. A city that is accustomed to foreign influences, it is known for it architectural treasures. There is a lot more to Rome than we know. Here are some interesting facts to give you an insight into the Roman culture, its history and treasures.
    1. The birth of the Eternal City, Rome, which was founded in 753BC, is celebrated every year by Romans on the 21st of April. Celebrations include fireworks, gladiator shows, traditional Roman banquets and parades.
    2. The Pantheon which was built in 27 B.C. by Marcus Agrippa is the only monument belonging to ancient Rome that still remains intact. What is even lesser known, is that it entombs Italy's king Vittorio Emanuele II, and his successor, Umberto I.
    3. A park in Rome is named the "Park of the Monsters." Not because it is a haunted place but because it is full of grotesque figures like a crude Hercules slaying an Amazon and an ogre's face with a mouth so big that people can even walk through it!
    4. The Baths of Caracalla although in a bad state now, were once in their prime days spread across 27 acres and could handle 1,600 bathers at any given time. Built in the 3rd century, they are the largest survivors of Rome's imperial era.
    5. Rome has a museum which is entirely dedicated to pasta. The Pasta Museum is a one of its kind around the world and showcases different pasta-making machines, as well as paintings related to pasta by contemporary artists.
    6. St Peter's Basilica inside Vatican City is the largest church ever constructed.
    7. Rome's Coliseum, a huge amphitheatre which could seat 50,000 people is one among the Seven Wonders of the World.
    8. The Monumental Cemetery of the Capuchin Brothers has used the bones of over 4,000 Capuchin monks, some skeletons fully intact, to create symbolic works of art in its series of chapels.
    9. The Vatican Museums is a huge museum complex with over 1,000 museums and galleries like the Gallery of Tapestries and Etruscan and Egyptian Museums that are full of masterpieces collected by the successive popes. It is the world's largest museum complex.
    10. St. Peter's Basilica was a structure that stood for almost 1,000 years until it neared collapse and was rebuilt by 1500s and 1600s. It is an overwhelming structure which displays the work of some of Italy's greatest artists like Raphael, Michelangelo, and Maderno.